Fimco 11/2" 4 Zones Indexing Valve (4004)

This Hydro Indexing Valve has 1 inlet and 4 outlets which are all 1½" slip fit. This valve is recommended for use in a pump driven irrigation system and can run from 2 to 4 zones based on the chosen cam configuration (selected above). Other available options listed above are:

  • - The material used in the manufacturing of the valve top can be either standard ABS plastic or a glass reinforced ABS (fiberfill) which is recommended for installations with higher water pressure.
  • - The stem and disc assembly utilized within the valve. The standard flow stem and disc assembly requires a minimum of 10GPM, the low-flow stem and disc assembly requires a minimum of only 6GPM.
  • - The Zone Indicator can come preinstalled and is a very handy device. It is extremely useful when working on or troubleshooting an irrigation system.

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  • - Pipe size (inch): 1.5
  • - Outlets: 4
  • - Configuration: 2, 3 or 4 Zones
  • - Normal Flow Rate: 10-75GPM
  • - Minimum Pressure: 10PSI
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Michael J. Duran -
I'm glad I by this valve for money and performance this is what you guys needed.