Sprinkler Pump 1hp 115/230v 1 Ph C. Fiberglass Starite

Sprinkler Pump 1hp 115/230v 1 Ph C. Fiberglass Starite

Centrifugal Pump 3hp 208-230/460v 3 Ph C. Iron  H. Head Starite

Centrifugal Pump 3hp 208-230/460v 3 Ph C. Iron H. Head Starite

Sprinkler Pump 2hp 230v 1 Ph C. Iron Starite

100% of 100

The PRO-Storm™ Series* of cast iron sprinklers offer superior unmatched performance, available in 1 HP through 2-1/2 HP models.

The PRO-Storm models offer “single-body-fill” priming to 25-foot lifts, in less than 5 minutes! The PRO-Storm models exceed the strict safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratory UL778, and CSA. Required by many state and local codes.

The PRO-Storm models are completely interchangeable with the original STA-RITE DS2 Series

  • - Rugged Construction – Close grained cast iron body, specially treated for corrosion resistance.
  • - Noryl® Impeller – Precision-moldedfor perfect balance… ultra-smooth for highest performance and efficiency.
  • - Precision Molded Diffuser – Pump primes faster, handles more air,with multi-port, precision-molded,reinforced polypropylene diffuser.
  • - High Head Models – Deliver up to145' of head with capacities to 95 GPM.
  • - Easy Serviceability – Normal wearing parts are easily accessible for service and replacement, without disturbing piping or mounting.
  • - Motor Windings – Superior insulation materials protect against excessive moisture and contaminants…ensures prolonged motor life.
  • - Balanced Rotor – Die cast under high pressures for uniform performance and greater efficiency,dynamically balanced.
  • - Drain Port – Provided for easy winterizing.
More Information
Manufacturer No
Phase N/A
Synchronous Speed N/A
Frequency N/A
Voltage N/A
Frame Material N/A
Frame Prefix N/A
Frame Size N/A
Frame Suffix N/A
XP Class and Group N/A
XP Division N/A
Product Style N/A
Nameplate Output N/A
Number of Poles N/A
Shaft Diameter N/A
Speed N/A
Wheel Diameter N/A
Wheel Bore Size N/A
Wheel Face N/A
Frame N/A
XP Class and Group N/A
Agency Approvals N/A
Ambient Temperature N/A
Auxillary Box N/A
Auxillary Box Lead Termination N/A
Base Indicator N/A
Bearing Grease Type N/A
Blower N/A
Current N/A
Design Code N/A
Drip Cover N/A
Duty Rating N/A
Efficiency @ 100% Load N/A
Electrically Isolated Bearing N/A
Feedback Device N/A
Front Face Code N/A
Front Shaft Indicator N/A
Heater Indicator N/A
High Voltage Full Load Amps N/A
Insulation Class N/A
Inverter Code N/A
KVA Code N/A
Lifting Lugs N/A
Locked Bearing Indicator N/A
Motor Lead Exit N/A
Motor Lead Quantity/Wire Size N/A
Motor Lead Termination N/A
Motor Standards N/A
Motor Type N/A
Power Factor N/A
Pulley End Bearing Type N/A
Pulley Face Code N/A
Pulley Shaft Indicator N/A
Rodent Screen N/A
Service Factor N/A
Shaft Extension Location N/A
Shaft Ground Indicator N/A
Shaft Rotation N/A
Shaft Slinger Indicator N/A
Speed Code N/A
Starting Method N/A
Thermal Device - Bearing N/A
Thermal Device - Winding N/A
Vibration Sensor Indicator N/A
Winding Thermal 1 N/A
Winding Thermal 1 Location N/A
RoHS Status N/A
Winding Thermal 2 N/A
XP Temp Code N/A
Armature Voltage N/A
Base Speed N/A
Field Voltage N/A
Armature Current N/A
Armature Inertia N/A
Field Winding Type N/A
Nameplate Speed N/A
Nameplate Voltage N/A
Peak Current N/A
Constant Stall Current N/A
Dimensional Drawing Numbers N/A
Feedback Signal N/A
Encoder N/A
Gear Ratio N/A
Gear Style N/A
Gearhead Type N/A
Output Speed N/A
Output Torque N/A
Capacitor Size N/A
Constant Torque Speed Range N/A
Max Speed N/A
Motor Finish N/A
Brake Torque N/A
No Load Current N/A
IP Rating N/A
PTC Thermistor Conn Diagram N/A
Enclosure Modification N/A
Enclosure N/A
Output @ Frequency N/A
Synchronous Speed @ Frequency N/A
Voltage @ Frequency N/A
Current @ Voltage N/A
Mounting Arrangement N/A
Efficiency @ 50% Load N/A
Efficiency @ 75% Load N/A
Rotor Inertia N/A
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